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My Mass Effect 2 vs Inception Music Video

by Chris Thomas on 12th Aug 2010

I had a really strong urge to try and set the Inception soundtrack to Mass Effect 2 footage this evening, so I did. It was my first time editing a video but I'm pretty pleased with the results. I hope you glean some enjoyment from it...


Hilarious Phoenix Wright Strip Made Me LOL

by Chris Thomas on 25th Jan 2010

This made me laugh up a storm. Enjoy!

Eliminate. Perhaps Not For Me.

by Chris Thomas on 3rd Nov 2009

Caution: the following rant is based on first impressions and represents my opinions formed after roughly 10 to 15 minutes of gameplay.

So I've been spending a little time with Eliminate (Ngmoco's free to play FPS) and I'm left wondering if I'm playing the same game as everyone else. All I hear is how great it is but my experience so far has been quite far off the mark.

Firstly the graphics seem rather underwhelming, particularly the environments which are some of the most forgetable arenas I've played in in recent years. I understand that this is probably intentional to keep the game running smoothly during online play, and that is totally cool by me, at least it would be if I could connect to a game and maintain any kind of decent framerate. That is when the game connects me at all. Maybe the server isn't so responsive here in the UK?

The worst offender for me are the controls which are at best a screwed up confused variant of Gameloft's superb Modern Combat control scheme and at worst too unwieldy to shoot a barn door with and feel like you have any kind of precision. The virtual stick that controls movement is so far into the middle of the screen and feels so unresponsive that my thumb inadvertently ends up sliding directly over the action in the middle of the screen obscuring my view. The stick could be moved almost a centimeter to the left extremity of the screen. I know it sounds picky but a centimeter is a crap-load in screen real estate when your whole vision is no more than 11cm wide.

For me to even consider dropping money on power-cells or any kind of in-game DLC for that matter I have to be seriously involved in the core experience AND I have to be enticed into caring about other players perception of me within the game. Eliminate's shonky frame rate and awkward controls take me so far out of the experience that paying money and investing in upgrades are the last thing on my agenda. Evidently I'm in the minority though as Eliminate climbs up the Top Grossing charts. And good for them! They have taken a risk and it is paying off, I just wish I could get into it and enjoy it the way everyone else seems to be. I shall perservere...

Oh one more thing, if I want to play against Bots offline why can't I set the number of bots? Why can't I set the difficulty level? Why can't I shoot this fricking barn door?!*le sigh*

Hall Of Fame: Game Of The Month Winners List (Regularly Updated)

by Chris Thomas on 7th Jul 2009

Here they are, our Game Of The Month winners, this post is kept up to date each month so if you're looking for nothing but the best of the best, this is where to find them...


GOTM August 09 - Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor


GOTM July 09 - The Secret Of Monkey Island: Special Edition


GOTM: June 09 - Real Racing

GOTM: May - Zenonia

GOTM: April 09 - Underworlds

E3: More Pics, Talking To EA Mobile and Misc

by Chris Thomas on 8th Jun 2009

Michele Aguilar (EA Mobile Product Manager and all around delightful lass) demonstrating Command & Conquer on the iPhone. You can also make out Mr Craig Wien on the left.

Some tool. Oh wait...

E3: Hands On Preview Mass Effect Galaxy

by Chris Thomas on 7th Jun 2009

At E3 I managed to get some hands on time with Mass Effect Galaxy. We have a complete preview up now which you can find here.

E3 - The Show Floor

by Chris Thomas on 7th Jun 2009

Here are some random photos I took from the show floor...

The media/bloggers lounge. Every games journo under the sun could be found in here at one time or another.

IGN's Jessica Chobot and Greg Miller talking to some guy about some FPS.

EA Mobile gave me this rather awesome Mass Effect Galaxy iPhone skin. Thanks guys.


E3: Hands On Preview Of Defender Chronicles

by Chris Thomas on 2nd Jun 2009

Jamin has an early build of Defender Chronicles and has written up a really great preview of the game. I strongly advise anyone interested in tower defence to check out this article, the game looks to offer a really unique and compelling take on the genre.

Hands On Preview: Defender Chronicles

E3 - Our War Room & Misc Pics

by Chris Thomas on 1st Jun 2009

More pics for you...

Me outside the first McDonalds we went to. Over here their adverts call it "Micky D's".

Another pic from the flight over here. From left to right Wes, Me Adam and Seb.

The VideoGamer/AppGamer war room. Also known as mine and Sebs hotel room.

Adam working on the site while Wes and Neon stay on top of all the news spewing forth from the Microsoft press conference.

E3: Saturday - Badge Collection And Beer

by Chris Thomas on 1st Jun 2009

This morning, after waking up and eating doughnuts for breakfast (seriously) we made our way to the convention centre to sort out our press passes and generally have a nosy around.

Wes and Adam keep looking for the venue but have no luck...

Does that tatoo'd arm belong to Kratos from God Of War? The design looks a bit too modern and XXX'y to me but whatever. Seb poses like he's in a rap video. Which he probably was.

Wes and Neon in the entrance hall. It's seriously dead here, just a handful of teamsters hanging more banners and some grumpy security guards who didn't want us taking pictures. They can't stop me and my iPhone though. Suckers.

Here I am in front of some Rock Band Pepsi stand that is only half constructed. I do not know why I'm gesturing at it with my thumbs. You can already see it. Photo pose fail.

See what I mean? Absolutely empty. It's kinda creepy. Maybe this is what E3 08 was like?

Once we collected our badges we went round the corner to ESPN Zone, a sports bar where we ordered some epic food. I had a sirloin steak and it was goddamn awesome.

The money shot. These are the reason we got up this morning.

Apparently Seb works for a site called which we all found hysterical, mainly because he seemed really upset by it.

E3: The Longest Journey (London -> L.A.)

by Chris Thomas on 1st Jun 2009

We've made it in one piece though not without the usual trials and tribulations associated with 11 hour flights, not least of which a border patrolman who was just a plain ol' jerkwad. Anyway, here are some pics of the journey. Keep an eye on this page, I'll be posting photos everyday from the show floor and the various events we go to.

From left to right: Adam, Neon, Seb and Wes from This was after we got through customs at Heathrow, first stop was the bar. Everyone ordered Stella but me (I hate Stella) but the woman brought me a Stella. Le sigh. She also brought me a coke though so all was forgiven.

Beer was taking a while so inevitably out came the DS's. Don't worry folks. I stuck with Peggle on the iPhone.

Adam had to run so we didn't miss our flight. We all just walked. Here's Seb sat behind me throwing up the horns and proving once again why he's the Pepsi Max! member of the team.

Neon playing with his DS... for some reason with the provided Virgin Atlantic eye mask on. Say Neon, whatcha drawing there?

Ah. Of course. A wang. Bravo.

Wes shows off the in-flight entertainment system. It's essentialy two D-pads you could use to select movies and TV shows but there were also a couple of seriously rudimentary games in there. Wes' headset jack was bust so he was stuck playing Solitaire while the rest of us enjoyed a bunch of movies. Incidentaly Role Models is pretty funny.

I'm not really sure whats going on here but I think its safe to assume Adam is being inappropriate with the air hostells. Incidentaly in the background of these pics you'll probably see a bunch of journalists. The whole plane was rammed with journos and PR types.

Once we landed and got the huge people carrier Adam rented our first stop was of course McDonalds. Had to be. At this point it's about 8am LA time and 4am or some ungodly hour back home. I was frigging tired.

Me and Seb got the pimp mack daddy suite. Seriously our room is HUGE compared to the other guys. We found this hilarious.

We woke up early so we waited for the other guys poolside style. Seb likes hats.

Work stations being deployed in the big mack daddy room. Aw yeah, I need the internets.

E3: Its Like The Night Before Christmas... If Christmas Was Super Geeky

by Chris Thomas on 30th May 2009

It's half past one in the morning. I'm staying up late tonight in the hope it will go someway towards countering the jet lag I'll no doubt experience: The hop from London to LA will have an 8 hour change to my body clock. As you can see my bags are pretty much all packed up and I have a butt load of iPhone games lined up to help pass the 11 hour flight. Top of the list is Zenonia which I'm still tucking into but also Marble Blast Mobile (a bit skeptical of the controls so far) and I plan on spending more time with CJS now the update has arrived.

Be sure to check back tomorrow and every day next week for photos and impressions from the show floor and the various evening events I'll be attending. With any luck it'll be like you're really there!... Okay we both know thats not the case but hell, it's better than nothing.

I'll be checking out a bunch of big iPhone titles while I'm there, most notably Mass Effect Galaxy and The Sims 3 by EA. If you're interested in these be sure to check back regularly.

Right. I better sleep or I'll miss my flight. See you tomorrow people.

E3 2009 - AppGamer Coverage

by Chris Thomas on 17th May 2009

This year I will be attending E3 and representing AppGamer (Whatup!), I'll be posting photos, maybe video and all kinds of stuff from my E3 adventure right here on this blog so be sure to check back every day for the details on my hi-jinks. I'll be going with the cool dudes at  so hopefully I'll be able to get some pics up of us getting drunk, hitting some parties and of course exploring the show floor.

Stay tuned!

Shay Casey Speaks His Mind And Its Awesome

by Chris Thomas on 7th May 2009

I recently interviewed Shay Casey, the developer working on the awesome looking Circuit Strike.One and this guy really speaks his mind. It is refreshing as hell to get opinions out of a studio without them being filtered through some faceless PR and marketing departments.

The interview in full will go up soon but here are some choice quotes...

"Honestly, most casual games suck. Not necessarily in quality, but definitely in content, theme, style, substance, gameplay and utter lack of innovation. They are not made for real gamers. They don't have an incentive for putting in the time to learn the rules. To find the combo or best moves. You don't need to improve your dexterity through practice. You just waste away hours on end. No risk. No reward.

Don't even get me started on fucking avatars, does MS think we are all 12 year old girls that want to play dress up. You really have to ask yourself... what the fuck? I would love to own the guy that made this up - in the arena. How much cute can we take? I am personally over the limit."

And also...

"As much as I hate down time I would rather stare at a wall than play Super Sparkle Rainbow Power Pillowfight or the next bad match three clone. Is this the best the industry can do? I still want to frag some noobs and wreck shit, I just only have 15 minutes available to do it right now!"

Somebody get this guy a soap box and a megaphone.

From the family album

by Chris Thomas on 22nd Apr 2009

Here's a recent picture of me being awesome...


Thats how I roll.